For:   IAT 333 
With:   School of Interactive Arts and Technology
Completed:  April 2011 

Identify a target demographic and design something for them that is to be used during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

The initial target demographic that we identified were protestors, but soon realized that the deep complexities of issues and sensitivity of the participants’ privacy made this demographic difficult to design for within the allotted time. Their desire for unhindered, collaborative, and discursive communication struck a chord with the team so decided to focus on those who wouldn’t necessarily be heard during the Olympics. This is a meta-demographic which protestors were part of so much of the insights gathered was still applicable.

The outcome of the project was an intermodal messaging system to scaffold guerilla communication that turns any space or surface into a potential billboard and platform for communication. 

Due to the constraints of time, the toolkit is only conceptual.

Team Lead, Communication Designer, Research Designer.