How might we help business decision makers discover insights in dense data so that they can make informed and timely decisions?

Product Description

The product I worked on was SAP Lumira Discovery (formally known as SAP Lumira). It’s a self-service business intelligence platform that gives decision makers the tools to visualize and transform data.

Who were we designing for?

Initially, we thought that our users were C-suite level executives that wanted to dive into data that would help them make better decisions. We discovered that this was rarely the user – rather, it was someone on their team responsible for creating dashboards and reports.


To be seen as valuable in critical decision making processes


To make sense of topic-relevant data

To provide timely and accurate interpretations of topic-relevant data


The possible lack of training in both data analysis and data visualization

The frequency and time-sensitivity of data analysis reports

How Did I contribute to solving the problem?

I was part of a global team where the teams were split up by different functions within the application – my team focused on Data Visualization.

Specifically, I:

  • Conducted user interviews with current users on their experiences creating data visualizations using SAP Lumira

  • Synthesized those findings into design opportunities then worked with the lead UX Designer and Product Manager to prioritize those opportunities

  • Designed low to high fidelity mockups that illustrated user interface components as well as possible interaction patterns 

  • Worked with the development team in finding usability solutions that are desirable, feasible, and viable

  • Worked with Data Scientists and Information Architects to work through interaction logic and other logic-based problems such as mapping data to the appropriate visualization

  • Collaborated and coordinated designs with teams from SAP Paris, Bangalore, and Shanghai, to ensure that experiences were synced across the platform

Role in team

Interaction Designer, Visual Designer (UI), User Interviewer and Usability Test Facilitator